Sunday Shot: Poe’s cognac and a St. Patty’s Guinness

This is St. Patty’s day weekend. Lots of Irishness, but also a bit of Poe. At the Westminster Church this past Saturday, they have a yearly Cask of Amontillado Tasting Among the Bones, a day of music, costumes… and crypts. *cue ominous music* There was also booze sampling and some very good cheese and grapes. This is now gonna be A Thing on my yearly social calendar.

Today, I headed out for a pint of Guinness, and the folks at Pickles Pub made it all purty. Mmmmm, art tastes good.

Even though the Poe toaster is gone, fans still keep the poet well lubed.
Clover! Festive! I drank it anyway!

Oh, and lest you think all I did this weekend was drink, I did make some lamb stew. What I Learned: adding too much stout to a stew makes it bitter. A touch of brown sugar fixes it pretty well.

Stew. With tons of mushrooms. Because they're delicious.

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