Sunday Shot: The Easter Pig

I like Easter. It’s no Halloween, but it ain’t shabby. Plus, I get to celebrate twice, as my second family are Greek Orthodox. Twice the Peeps!

This year I had an unexpected treat come my way. I met a friend in Bethesda for lunch, and popped in on Tout de Sweet, a fantastic macarons place.  They had macarons that look like eggs!

Eggses. We likes them, we does.

But that’s not the awesome part. EASTER PIG. Yes. Dammit yes.

Hello. Wanna come over and see my etchings?

He’s gorgeous. And stuffed with chocolate covered dried cherries. Know how I know? Because the store told me. And also this.

All the king's horses....

Nom. I’m a little bit ashamed of myself, but I’ll get over it. After one more bite.

Plus, since it always seems to rain on Easter, I did a bit of planting. So exercise. Yayz!

Potting bulbs. Totally counts as work.

Happy Easter y’all!


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