Out & About: Fort McHenry

Love all the history-ness of Baltimore. Maybe because I grew up in the DC ‘burbs. Maybe because I’m a history nerd. Potato, po-taaah-to.

Anyway, got up off it and headed over to Fort McHenry today. Why? The usual reason; a friend visiting from out of town was gobsmacked that I’d never been. So we went.

And it’s awesome. Even with the chilly breeze, I can see myself heading here often.

Photos. Let me show you them. It’s easy picking for good shots here.

Token majestic shot.
Cannons go boom! Well, not anymore, as they're filled with concrete.
Inside the fort.
Still more cannons. Because they're awesome.
One of the actual bombs that were bursting in air! Kewl!
More big cannons.

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