Out & About: Maryland Wines and Twitter Taste-off


I like wine. So when Groupon had a special for the Maryland Wines and Twitter Taste-off at Camden Yards? Sounded good to me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t plan my picnic. Literally. I didn’t really eat much beforehand, so I ended up smashed by the end. Actually, I walked home and by the time key was in the lock, I was toast. Snuck up on me but good.

Bonus points to me for letting my cell phone die so friends thought I’d died. Go me.

So what have we learned today, kiddies?

1) never just have hummus and veg before a wine tasting. Eat a full meal. Emphasis on full. For to soak up the wine.

2) even if there’s tons of delicious food at a wine tasting, unless you eat first – at home or belly up to the buffet – you will regret it. And by you I mean me.

3) bargaining with the powers that be isn’t gonna make things better once you’ve had too much to drink. Ride that shit out and Learn.

4) the next day, after the storm, eat whatever sounds good. Keep it healthy though. If you want, say, lamb chops and corn on the cob with a side of watermelon? Do you.


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