Out & About: Nalls Nursery.

When my head hurts I default to whatever will make me feel better. My head was killing me today – I have a feeling I’ll be needing new glasses soon – so instead of meeting friends for a happy hour (and whining the whole time), I decided to hit a garden center.

My weekly hiking buddy has a nursery near his pad in Alexandria, so I figured why not. I was thinking that it’d be the usual yuppie heaven specialty nursery you’d see that close to DC.

Nup. Nalls was damn charming. Y’know what else was charming? They’ve got chickens. Chickens that roam around the nursery, causin’ trouble and generally being adorable.

I picked up a tomato plant. And I’m already trying to come up with a reason to go back. If I see a baby chick? It’s over y’all. Swoon death. Just saying.









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