Happy Earth Day!

I thought that Earth Day was the 22nd. But with everything coming up Eco today, I figured I’d join in!

Plus, I have a tree now. Yep. Remember Arbor Day, when your parents would let you plant a tiny tree seedling that you got from your teacher? Yeah. It’s Earth Day now, but there are places that still give away tiny little trees. Hello, National Aquarium!

Mine is a wee flowering dogwood, looking all sorts of fine on his trip home.

Traveling first class.

I got him home and decided I had no idea what I’m doing with my backyard that he’s so small a little “tree crib” would be best. So into a pot he went!

Who's a cute little tree? You are. You are!

Now, to fully celebrate Earth Day, Ima have a glass of wine. Grapes come from the earth. Wine comes from grapes. Happy Earth Day, y’all!


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