Arson in Pigtown: Zips Drycleaners

“Zips burned down.”

That’s what I heard when I headed out to pick up my cup of coffee (and waffle) at Cafe Jovial this morning.  Apparently somebody broke into the Zips Drycleaners late last night or early this morning, found no money, and torched the place.  Nice trick, as the shops in the little strip mall that Zips shares all have big metal rolling covers.  Which means 1) somebody was trying to prove a point by being an asshole, or 2) it was an inside job.

I don’t know which one I’m hopeful for.  Right now I just wish that it hadn’t happened.  Here in Pigtown we’ve been dying for a dry cleaning shop, and now?  Not only is Zips closed, but the little diner Tony’s has to close today too.  Smoke = health hazard = the owners of Tony’s have to throw out EVERYTHING.  Nice from a make-sure-food-is-safe standpoint, but totally sucks for the owners, and the folks that go to Tony’s.

One step forward, two steps back, indeed.

2013-04-21 09.55.12
Tony’s, closed for business.
2013-04-21 09.54.43
No, not hail. Broken glass.
2013-04-21 09.54.31
Info for folks who had items at Zips.
2013-04-21 09.53.57
The little strip mall, post-arson.


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