Flower Mart 2013: peppermint sticks and dragonflies

Every year Baltimore has a huge, glorious outdoor garden sale called Flowermart. I always call it Flower Mart because I’m a rebel (that forgets that it’s only one word).

I volunteered at the Peppermint Stick stand, a traditional treat for the weekend. Take a lemon, slice off one end, jam a peppermint stick into it. Slurp lemon juice from the stick. Trick: it’s gotta be a porous stick.


The Baltimore Sun photog came by, so my hand could be in tomorrow’s paper! Yay hand! I felt pretty good helping out, and it was a fun time.

Striking a pose at the Peppermint Stick stand

Another cool thing about the Flowermart is the crafts. I definitely partook of that particular type of festivity. A craftsman – working under the business name Colonial Wagon & Wheel – takes metal and makes cool stuff for plants & outside areas. I picked up some dragonflies. Wanna know why I think they’re especially cool?

They're spoons!

I plopped the dragonflies into the garden. They definitely spiff things up.

And here they are, propping things up

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