Sunday Shot: doggie onna roof.

I did a few things to the house this past week. I also see that the garden is growing. (Er, make that the plants in the garden. Yeah.)

Today? My favorite thing was waking up to the sound of barking, and then seeing a dog on the roof of the houses behind me. He bounced from roof to roof, trying to figure out how to get down. Trying to figure out if he wanted to get down.

Yes, at first I was worried. Poor pup! What the heck is going on? But then I saw him pop in to an open window a few houses down, hang out of said window for a bit, then trot back out onto the roof again.

I’m guessing that his human left the window open trying to get some sleepytime breezes last night, and pup took advantage.

More on backyards, water, plants, shoes, ships and ceiling fans…later.

I'm on a roof! And I'm awesome!

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