Weekend-ness: Preakness & Wine in the Woods

No Sunday Shot yesterday. I was so pooped from the weekend awesomeness that I couldn’t manage to pick a shot and post. I actually thought about it at around 11pm, but decided to wrap up today instead.

Busy? A’yup. But in a good way; this past weekend was the Preakness, the annual horsie race here in Baltimore. It was also the annual Wine in the Woods fest in Columbia. I hit Preakness Saturday, and WitW Sunday. Good times.

What I learned about the Preakness:

* It’s worth it to get a seat. Whether you decide to brave the InfieldFEST (shudder) or just wanna see ponies (yay!), believe me, you’re going to love having a place to park your buns away from the masses.
* Mug Club is worth it…if you don’t mind Bud Light. And if you just want to pay up front and not think about carrying $$ for drinks. But if you think water is included? Not so.
* InfieldFEST is fun, as long as you get there early, and leave before it gets packed. Otherwise you’ll be in a crush of overage frat boys reliving the glory days.
* Top of the Stretch is a great way to see the horses before they line up at the starting gate. Since seeing pretty ponies is my reason for hitting the Preakness, I loved my seat. Only problem? No cover. So when it rains, you’re wet.
* Light Rail. Definitely the way to go to the races. Definitely. $3.50 round trip? No worries about parking? Yes, please.

Next year I’ll be back. Dunno if I’ll go Top of the Stretch, or get a seat under cover. But I’ll definitely be there.

Sunday was my volunteer shift at Wine in the Woods. I like volunteering, because I get in free *and* get to spend a chunk of time at the Education Tents. I learn about vino, and get to wander around beforehand. I’m not a huge taster, but I do love me some crafts. And jerky. Someone was selling venison & elk (and other types of) jerky. Who am I to pass that up?

A few pics, to give you an idea of my weekend.

Definitely a contender, if she wasn't working.

Mackelmore, sporting Preakness hat chic

A view from Top of the Stretch

My wine seminar neighbor

Talkin' red wine (Shenandoah Winery)

Gorgeous landscaping at WitW. Really.


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