Kitchen redesign, part 1

Well I’ve been tinkering around the kitchen for months. A little here, a bit there. A rail for to hang stuff:

I promise, this'll be less crappy. Sometime.

And now, after a trip to Ikea this morning? A new cookbook/microwave/stuff holder, and a blue “garden-ness holder”:


Ahhhhh. That’s better. I’m in love. I’ve wanted to see how an Expedit on wheels would work in my kitchen. And it works perfectly! Best yet; this was in the as-is section of the store, so not only was it discounted, it was fully assembled! A special shout out to a neighbor that was passing by when I got home & brought it up the stairs for me. Yayz!

I still need to hang up the shelves (that I so artfully plopped in front of the fridge) . And buy a something to hold the larger plant pots. And maybe get a butcher block top for the new Expedit “banquet”. Then there’s always the new faucet I picked up during the Memorial Day sales, to replace the one that I stripped during my hose-to-sink trials.

So much to do….


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