I’m a foster mommy!


Well, to cats. A cat and her seven kittens, to be precise.

I read that BARCS, my local shelter, was in dire need for foster folks – they are at peak capacity.

So? Here’s Coco Momma (aka Coco Puff, aka River Song, aka Melody Pond…don’t ask. But know it’s very geeky.)

They’re settling in nicely. Puff is very skinny, but I feed her wet chow several times a day. And she has tons of dry. But apparently she spits on that.

Here’s a list of the kittens:

#1 – Tig, a sweet tabby boy who is small but determined.
#2 – Spot, a girl who is looking like a tux, but has a big white spot on her back. I’m all sortsa creative.
#3 – Hitch, a ginger & white boy that looks like he has a white saddle. Ergo, a hitch in his giddy up.
#4 – Marmalade, an all ginger, who is the Alpha of the gang. He can barely see but he tries to strike out on his own.
#5 – Sweet, the smallest. An adorable girl that’s a tabby/calico mashup.
#6 – Moo, a boy that likes to get into scrapes with brother Marmalade. He’s white with lots of black spots. Kinda like a dairy cow.
#7 – Polka, the only calico of the bunch. Which is strange because momma is a tortie. Polka is a girl, of course (all calicos are). And she’s polka dotted!

I’ll have the gang for about two months. I could have them longer, but I fear Foster Fail. And that’d just cement the Crazy Cat Lady thing that folks have been wondering about for years….


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