Kitten update.

I won’t lie; I’ve been really busy keeping up with kittens.

Sadly, Marmalade – the largest one of the litter – passed away. He just was alive one minute, and the next he was gone. Needless to say I freaked out and sobbed like a sloppy sobbing thing.

A few of the kittens are back to nursing (after stopping due to stuffy noses that prevented them from finding/nursing on Momma.)

* Two – Sweet and Tig, who used to be the smallest – are having no problems. Knock on wood.
* Two – Polka and Moo, the calico & the large black and white boy – are doing okay, nursing most of the time, but I supplement that with formula.
* And the last two – surviving ginger Hitch & Dot, the other black and white kitten – are barely hanging on.

I’m verklempt. In fact, I’m sitting here next to the pop-up pen where they hang out, trying to get Hitch to take small mouthfuls of formula. It goes well about 50% of the time. Dot is better, but not by much.

Momma does what she can, but if they’re not nursing, there’s little she can accomplish beyond cleaning and massaging them.

So instead of trotting out to see a friend’s new pad? Tomorrow I’ll be right here, next to the pen, dripping formula into Hitch and Dot.

Keep your fingers crossed for me y’all, would you?

Sweet little Hitch, trying so hard.
Polka, Dot and Moo sleeping, with Hitch in the foreground.
Tig and Sweet, napping.
Momma (aka Coco Puff), always close by.

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