Puttin’ up shelves.

I tend to have grand ideas about how I’m going to try things. And then I buy the things I need. And then time passes.
I worried that my “put in shelves in the kitchen” idea was destined for the time passing thing. But hello, 750 degree weather! I hunkered down in my house and got to shelve-ing.

First shelf, and I figured I might stop. Perhaps another would be overkill? I’d be junking up the wall? But I didn’t like the way it looked. The shelves are supposed to be festive and useful, a way to look at & easily use some of my favorite beer glasses. This looked like a messy hodgepodge.

Pay no attention to the kitten in the shot. Or the mop outside. Or...oh well, I'm a slob.

So after staring at the shelf as if waiting for it to give me design tips, I decided to put up shelf #2. A smaller shelf, that I staggered so I could:

1) put taller things on the open end, if I wanted to, and
2) not drive myself crazy with constantly wondering if the shelves match up properly.

I think the second shelf makes a nice difference. There’s a weird bump on the lower shelf’s side bracket, where the wall decided that it was going to be a pain in my butt & bubble out. But I’m trying to be zen and live with it….

Ahhhhh, the happy. So much happy.

Now I’m able to grab what I like, I have a little collection of coolness, and I kept myself from melting by staying inside. Success!


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