Sunday Shot: preempted by TMI

I hurt.

For about 3 weeks now, I’ve been dealing with back and leg pain. Possibly “sciatica”, whatever that is. Neurosurgeon meet & greet this Wednesday.

For 3 weeks, I’ve been blowing off friends, screenings (I do the movie review blogging thing too, don’cha know) and just about everything else because it hurts. Like, Scale Of One To Ten It’s An 8 hurts. (To me, 9 is sobbing & 10 is shrieking. Been there too, but that’s another story about different circumstances.)

Haven’t cut the grass in my backyard in a few weeks. I’ve let veggies dry on the vine because what little energy I have must be spent on stretching and working my leg and back muscles…and cleaning, feeding & shopping for the foster kitties. (Let’s not even think about the “new” kitchen faucet & ceiling fan that have been sitting around for weeks. Oh well. Two more things to add to the Tomorrow And Tomorrow List.)


Today I hit the wall. Can’t take it anymore. Spent the day welling up from the pain. Must cut out everything but taking care of myself. Sounds horribly selfish, but I ache so badly I’m beyond caring at this point.

Family? None. Don’t have any beyond two friends I call sisters because we grew up from zygotes together. Friends? Too far to be able to help with anything, and honestly they have their own lives & struggles & stuff.

So I have to take the kitties back to BARCS. Hopefully being able to sleep for more than 5 hours straight, and being able to let a day (or hour) go by without having to clean up/scrub down/soak & rinse something will help.

Because otherwise I’m in for a world of suck.


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