Pre-op prep at home.

I’m having back surgery this week. And in between freaking out and whining about the pain I’m currently in, I decided to try to make my house as back surgery post-op friendly as I’m able.

Now, I’d love to rip out one of the bathtubs and install a shower stall. Then put in some hospital grade rails that look Steampunk Chic. I’d also like to win a round the world cruise for me and a few of my favorite people. So yeah this is what I did instead.

1) Replaced my groovy brushed nickel shower curtain hooks with ones that close completely. Don’t wanna reenact the last bit of the shower scene in Psycho because the hooks came off & I tried to put ’em back on. Nossir.

Yes, they look like notebook rings. Yes, they're kinda growing on me.

2) Floofy bathmat switcheroo. Bought one with the foamy, springy stuff. And also with skid resistant backing. Neither of which my current mat has. Oops.

Oh Walmart. Sometimes you're a delight.

3) Grabbed a new shower head, one with a hand-held jobby. I think I’m gonna want something that lets me get only certain areas of the ol’ bod wet, or that I can use while sitting or something. This was my toughest decision; should I spring for a posh thing that would take a serious chomp out of the ol’ fundage, or one that’s cheap and will do the job? Neither. I scored a halfway decent one (read: under $100) for $14.98 at the as-is section of Bed Bath & Hooray For A Bargain. And hellz yeah I used a 20% off coupon! Not too shabby, and the plastic parts just serve to make it easier to maneuver. Which brings me to….


4) Put up a tension shelving unit thing. I was hoping for something with a razor holder and that would have round openings in the shelves so bottles can be stored upside-down. One out of two ain’t bad. Not for under $25.

I try to look at it as a fun, impromptu redecorate blitz, instead of a need-to for recuperating. If I squint, I can do that. Number 5, my only true pleasure item, helps with that.

5) Nab cute washcloths. So things seem festive and new, rather than mind numbingly hospital-esque and depressing. Bring forth the rubber duckies! On cloth.

Ikea! Just some ducks and some cotton and a handful of Norsemen.

Phew. Okay. Time to rest on my laurels. Seriously. My “radiating pain” is radiating. But I’m secure in the knowledge that I’ve done a few things that will hopefully make getting back up to snuff a bit easier. Or, in the case of the duckies, more fun. Hooray surgery! Or not.


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