Achievement Unlocked: ceiling fan!

I only wish I could say that I’m the one who did this. But nup. At least not this go-round. But a friend popped up the ceiling fan I’d had languishing on my kitchen table, and gotta say it looks snazzy!

I decided on a brushed nickel rather than a white fan, simply because I don’t know if I’m wedded to the “everything white” theme. At least not for something as front & center as a ceiling fan. And I’m glad I went with nickel, it’s lovely.

After a few questionable directions in the information booklet, the fan went up…and stayed up. Yaaaaay!

Note to self: un-junk the house. Again.

This particular fan doesn’t have a remote control, but I’m fine with that. It does operate through the on/off switch panel on the wall, but fine tuning needs to be done on the fan by yanking the pull chain. I figured why not add a little bling?

A lampwork bead I made last weekend. Stay classy.

I love, love, love this. And can I also say that DIY is wonderful, but when someone else DIY’s for you? AWESOMESAUCE.


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