Back surgery balderdash.

Yesterday I got home from my “right lumbar discectomy”. Whazza? It’s when you have a herniated/ruptured disc in your spine (in my case, between the) L4-L5 vertebrae), and your doc has to trim out the herniated part.

Yes, it’s exactly as much fun as you’d expect. Luckily the hospital I went to – Good Samaritan – rocks hard.

I’m up & around, but still on “oxycodone”, which I think is French for “you’ll never think clearly again”. And also, bleah with the dry mouth. Yuck.

I’m shocked by the fact that I’m able to walk around; I begged a friend to come up for the first 24 hours, and said friend has ended up putting in my kitchen ceiling fan since I’m not completely bedridden. (More on that later).

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a TON of recup to do, and I can’t bend, twist or lift/carry anything over 10 pounds. The fact that I don’t have hideous shooting pains down my right leg? I’m fine with the recup. Small price & all that.

I'm a baked potato!
Red Jell-O and Shark Week. How did I not think of this before?
Early the next morning: up and at'em!
I haz achievement!

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