I know. I’ve already posted about my one ripe mater. But I’m so goshdarn proud of the little gal I have to do it again.

I'm a proud momma. A momma that can't wait to sink her teeth in. What?

But there’s more than just the one. In fact, there’s a veritable cornucopia of tomatoes to be! (Seriously, I could fill a cornucopia. A small one at least.)

On the same plant as Big Red:

Four greenies in a clump! And Greek basil in the background.

And meanwhile, on Husky Cherry Red – otherwise known as The Gnome Bush, for obvious reasons – tons of baby tomatoes!

Gnome Bush. With Gnome.

I’m really amazed at these plants; they’ve rebounded nicely from the rat attacks earlier this summer.

They won't get much bigger, but they'll be delicious.
Peek a boo! Ima eat you! Later.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what type of tomato produced Big Red, it’s a Patio. And yes, I do use “unnatural” fertilizer. Because my daddy used Miracle Gro, and I can’t think for myself. But all in all, not too shabby for container gardens!

Now, to figure out how to plant tomatoes in the yard next year, without feeding all the rats.


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