Sunday Shot: Pie & Cosplay

I like pie. I really like pie when I can have a bite or two of many different types of pie, rather than just choosing one. Because I always feel like I made the wrong decision. So when the neighborhood cool spot, The Mobtown Ballroom, held a pie contest – B’more Pie – I had to hustle over. Many bites of pie later, and I still wanted a few nibbles for later. Happily, I got my wish. Bonus? I’m now dying to get back into pie-ing.

Strawberry, apple strudel, strawberry #2, peach. Mmmm.

I missed the savory pies, which is a bummer. Why? Baltimore Comic-Con! I wandered around today, bought stuff, learned about what it takes to create comics, and saw some amazeballs costumes. Here’s my favorite.

He's either tired, or resting before he chops my head off. Exit the stage left.

All in all, not a bad Sunday. Not at all.


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