Oh. This can’t be good.

I did a bunch of yard work today. Pulled out a few of the cucumber plants that have called it a day (one more is still trying to send out blossoms, bless it’s heart.) Picked a peck of peppers. Planted a new mum. Went inside and celebrated my workness by popping the peppers into the fridge.

Then, as I popped out onto the deck for a final look-see…



But no crackle, and certainly no rice crispies. Instead, I felt like I had been lowered about an inch or two. Because I had. The deck pulled itself away from my house. Oh yeah. This is great.

Yep. Boom goes the dynamite.

I hopped off the deck to see what was going on underneath….

Creeeeeak. Or that's what I heard in my head.

Aaaaaaand checked out the view from a level spot.

Awesomesauce. Not.


I really want to just rip the whole bugger down and get a quote on iron stairs. Hot as a bugger? Most probably. Expensive as [RADIO EDIT]? Ditto. But it wouldn’t go anywhere.

Or maybe brick. Though I’d hate to lose the window, and it’s bit of light in the swamp room.

Just when you think it’s going on an even keel….

Bright side? Peppers!

I'm saying this is a peck. Sure.

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