Deck: goin’ dooooown.

It’s been one of those weeks. A slew of things came along that drove me crazy. Or rather to….

This week, you complete me.

Why? Because my deck is driving me batty. Fortunately, I have good friends that care, and one in particular that came, saw and sawed. As in sawed apart my deck, and helped with the rotted wood behind it. Huzzah!

Because I have Photo Grid and I’m nothing if not excited by new toys, here’s a nutshell of the work he put in. (I think I passed him a level at some point.)

Holy bleep that's a lot of work.

But today? A contractor that’s working on Red next door (and doing a darn fine job) told me he had stairs and cinderblock, and would I like to have him put up stairs? “How’s $400?”

Um, yes please?

Now, of course I wouldn’t be me without freaking out about something, so looking a gift horse in the mouth was bound to happen.

* I worry about the sewer; the opening thingy will be covered by the stairs. Even though he’s leaving a space for plumber types to access it from under the stairs? I still worry.

* I worry about the glass block window, as it’ll be covered completely by the concrete stairs. But it’s a small price, right?

I worry that it’s a good thing, and I’m not particularly used to good things. I’m gonna have to get over that though.

Right now? It looks really nice, and extremely solid. In fact, it’s kinda got a Sesame Street vibe. Me likey.


I’ll update once the final piece is up. The other guy is off getting wood filler to cover the rim joist. And, yes, I worry that’s not good enough, like I know what’s better. But what else? Iron? Kryptonite? My friend put up temporary flashing, but that was a stopgap, not a solution (though he did a damn good job of it.)

Seriously, I’ve got to learn how to breathe.


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