Out & About: Boston!

My sis has a conference in Beantown. I’ve never been up to Boston. So? Tada!

Oh man. When they say Boston is a “walkable city”, they’re not lying! Not only because so much stuff is in close proximity, but because it’s so pretty that I wanted to just keep on going.

Yesterday, I touched down. And immediately headed to Harpoon Brewery. (Great tour btw.) After that, I wandered. I got to Faneuil Market just in time for the sunset, and the fairy lights in the trees were just gorgeous.

Here’s a collage, because I never met a photo app I didn’t run into the ground.


Clockwise, from upper left:
* The Boston Tea Party museum
* The Milk Bottle (at the Children’s Museum)
* The Old State House (and site of the Boston Massacre)
* The Irish Famine Memorial (with a Chipotle in the background….)
* A Loch Ness monster sculpture coming down the stairs
* Harpoon Brewery
* A stop on The Freedom Trail
* Cool boat-holders. Somewhere, thanks to my inability to call it by a proper term, a sailor just lost his wings.
* Center: me at Faneuil Market!

Today? Well, it’s October. And there’s a commuter rail. More to come….


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