TRUNK or treat? Hmm….

I learn something new every day. Like tonight; a friend posted on FB that he’d just heard about a practice of churches (and other organisations) – holding what sounds like a Halloween tailgate for kids! Yep, decorating the car and letting the wee ones pop by for candy. With many cars, that can end up being a major haul! Woot!

I’ve spent the last few hours reading up on this phenomenon, and came across a post bemoaning the new “custom”. Pity. While this woman definitely has her opinion, and it’s a valid one – trick-or-treating is one of those times when kids make lifetime memories and get a taste of being grown-up by being out late with no adult supervision – I couldn’t help but think about the piece’s tunnel vision.

The post is now closed to comments, but when have you known me to have an edit button? (Plus, I think this neighborhood could benefit greatly from something like this, especially for the kids in the areas that are further away from the main drag.) So? My opinion. Because everyone has one, and I ain’t about to deny anyone my vacant ramblings.

I used to love trick-or-treating! Then again I lived in a nice, safe, upper middle class neighborhood when I was a kid.

Now? I live in a major city, in what is politely called an “up and coming” neighborhood. It’s not safe at night for little ones to go door to door, and even early in the evening, when it’s still light? There are doors you probably shouldn’t knock on, and blocks that can be very dangerous. Usually those of us that have candy to pass out sit outside and dole out the goodies, and when the sun sets? Done.

Trunk or treating would be a great way for these kids to really enjoy the decorations and camaraderie of Halloween – and amass the grade-A booty every child dreams of on this night – without putting him or herself in danger by staying out too late, or hitting up sketchy houses.

Yes, Halloween is mean for kids to head out and try their wings, but this article sounds like the viewpoint of someone safely ensconced in a trouble free area. Kudos; not every family is so lucky.

My two (Kit-kats) cents.

Whether you trick-or-treat, trunk-or-treat, or even, as my FB friend mused, drunk-or-treat, have a wonderful Halloween! I attach my own little treat, the ASL sign for Happy Halloween, from my hearing impaired neighbor that was gracious enough to teach me. And Tippi, though she quickly gave up on the whole signing thing. Diva.



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