The Color Run, and cheating on my cat

It was a gorgeous day today. One of those beautiful 60 degree days in November that almost makes you forget that December is coming up fast.
So I went out and checked out The Color Run, a groovy 5K that gets people doused in color – colored chalk – for charity.

Next year, gotta try this.


Then, I popped over to a friend’s house and spent time with her kitties. Mischief, a cat I’ve known since he was able to fit in my hand, still loves to use my torso as a pillow. Meanwhile, kitty Roosevelt wasn’t pleased that he got no torso napping.

I burn you with my jealousy!

Needless to say (but I still will), Tippi was not pleased that I came home smelling like Other Cats. Eventually though, she forgave.

Because snuggling trumps anger. Every time.

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