Failing At Kitchen: Pumpkin seeds. Easy-peasy.

Mmmm, pumpkin. But sadly, carving pumpkins aren’t for eating. (Can you eat them? Yes. Do you want to eat a pulpy, watery, bland mess? Up to you.)

The seeds, though? NOM. And it’s easy to roast em.

One: cut & scoop.

If you're really good with a knife & need a tureen? Tada!

Two: toss with EVOO & salt.

No need to rinse; the goop caramelizes as you roast. Caramel....

Three: pour into a greased, tinfoil-ed jelly roll pan. Roast in a 300° oven, stirring every 15 minutes or so until nice & roasty. About an hour.

[Pretend I didn’t forget to snap a pic when they came out of the oven….]

Four: eat as soon as they’re cool enough to chew. Or save in an airtight container. (I’m having a love affair with OXO, but anything that seals well works.)

See? Nice caramel roastiness on the outside. Matches the salty perfectly.

That’s it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have eating to do.


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