Tippi’s first snow, or the end of the world as we know it.

Today has been fortold since the ages began. Or, ever since last week.

About two inches of snow, and then freezing rain and icy stuff ’til it all melts away once it all turns to rain. Plans for hanging out with friends are put on hold, and things shift to crockpot chili & pumpkin cake. I had to take a quick tour of the neighborhood, complete with a little caramel apple cider.


Tippi, being about ten months old, has absolutely no idea what’s going on. And it’s scaring her more than zombies hungry for kitten flesh trampling a field of catnip. In her mind it’s the beginning of the end.

All’s well now, after I showed her a plate full of snow (well, at first she freaked and ran into her favorite box, but then it melted and she toughened up). Now she’s happily curled in my lap.

Big tough kitty.



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