Failing at Kitchen: turkey pot pie

When a friend cooks an entire turkey and then asks for help in making stuff with it? Well what can I do but lend a hand?

With an awesome recipe from The Pioneer Woman (she’s truly amazing), we chopped, sliced, sautéed and baked. I did cheat though; I used pre-made pie crust. I know. *hangs head*

I took the edge bits – I could never get that lovely scalloped edge thing right – and used little cookie cutters to pretty up the crust. And hopefully take people’s minds off the botched edges.

My friend and I both walked away from the experience with a pie for ourselves. And before he left, he gifted me more turkey! Including a leg! We will feast well, my kitten. Kitten?

Oh yeah. It’s almost 60 degrees. She’s got things. Fine. I’ll just watch A Christmas Carol while you take care of business.

Herewith, the pies!

Why is one square? Because I only have one pie Pyrex.

That pie Pyrex is old-school, btw. I’d love another, but after reading about how the new stuff can (and often does) explode? I’ll make do.

Oh, and the usual token cute kitty pic. Tippi, making sure I rest. By resting on me.

That'll do, human.

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