Failing at Kitchen: pasta for The Holiday

Love Christmas movies. My very favorite? The Holiday. It’s crazy, unbelievable, and you have to be insane to believe there’s a happy ever after for these couples. But I believe, and I think it’s perfect. Besides, what woman hasn’t been Kate Winslet’s Iris?

So Christmas Eve – Eve, I watch The Holiday. And eat Christmas Fettuccine. Because this movie talks about Christmas Fettuccine like it’s a real thing, and so? It is.

Herewith, a few pictures of my pasta. Because holidays.

Onions, shrooms, garlic & EVOO while the pasta pastas.
Always have a dump bowl for peels. And the paper towels you'll use when you cut yourself on the herb mincer. Just me?


Salute the gloriousness that is The Holiday!

I usually use imitation crab, but this year I still have turkey from my friend’s roast-a-thon gifting. So yay!

Merry Christmas and happy Holiday!


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