Bending the crawlspace to my will.

Happy New Year! Gotta say that I’m glad to see 2013 take a flying leap. Car woes, deck and Hvac woes, cat woes (RIP Zoe) and back surgery? Enough. Time to reboot!

I’m thinking up resolutions, but til then, I decided to take a crack at the space under the basement stairs. It was a place I’d push stuff into, mostly because I have very little storage here at Chez Cochon. But after getting Christmas put away, it felt like the time.

Yeah, it doesn’t look all Martha Stewart, but she’d be much better at spacial stuff than I’d ever be. No really; the reason I drive an SUV isn’t because it’s a great IKEA mobile (though it is). It’s because it’s just big enough that I never have to try to figure out if something fits. Yaaaaay! Bonus for this storage space switcheroo? I now have a place to stash my mini-trampoline when I’m not using it! No more propping it up in front of the storage door. Win!

Cost of this rehab? Zip. A scrap piece of lumber, a hanger set from the closet system I don’t use in the closet, and a bit of reshuffling.






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