Tippi and her new brother. Yeah she’s…excited.

Tippi is a ball of energy. No lie. And since I can’t bottle it, I figured that I could at least give her a friend to kick it.
So when the neighborhood awesome cat saver posted that a sweet, very shy, little ginger kitty needed a home? Uh, hello.

So, say hello to my little friend Manny!

Complete with mane. King of the foreeeest!

He waffles between wanting to come out, and freaking out. But he uses the potty, and has been eating and drinking just fine.

The two soon-to-be BFFs (thinking positive here) have met. Manny is psyched to have a new friend. Tippi? Well, she’s not sure.


But before long, they’d found a way to communicate….

Yup. A flimsy screen = complete safety. They're both horror movie wannabes.

It’s still touch and go – it’s only been three days, and Manny had a very bad experience at his last adoptive home (hint: ijit who expected too much from a shy kitty) – and Manny’s still frightened of me, but I keep this picture from Day One (Friday the 17th) in my mind whenever I fear that he’ll never come around.

Scritches are the bestest.

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