Sunday Shot: Manny makes a break for…inside.

Springtime can only mean one thing; time to rake up the leaves I didn’t bother with the fall before. I swear, it was for plant protection. Free mulch, as it were.

Yeah, sure.

So, leaving the sliding door wide open as I’m wont to do – c’mon in, bugs! Free room and board! – I go about moving containers and sweeping up.

Eventually, I look over to check on Tippi. And see Mr. Manny checking out the stairs. Outside. Mr. I Freak Out Over A Bug Fart. Outside.

I probably didn’t think the whole leaving the door open thing though.

So, playing it cool so Manny doesn’t find super strength in his own terror, I sit down and tell him he’s a good boy. He startles, but goes back to sniffing all the things.

I decide to get back to straightening, at least the stuff on my side of the backyard. He accepts my activity, and trots over to Tippi, who Is Not Happy her brother is in her official turf. But she gets over it, and shows him the pile of wood that used to be the deck (which is getting the boot, with some being used for a flower raised garden, later this week. Promise.)

I walked by Manny as he chewed the grass, and he was fine. Turning back, I noticed the pair trimming the flowers.

With two cats in the yard....

Five minutes later, I headed back out to rake. Manny wasn’t keen on that, and decided to sun on the top step instead. When I finished with the pile, he was nowhere to be seen.

Leaves, you got to go.

He decided that comfy chairs beat dirt any day of the week.

No-brainer, human.

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