Sunday Shot: A per-fect day-yay.

Seriously. 80 degree high (and I now know that 80 is The Perfect Temperature.) Slight breeze to keep things nice.

Morning at the Farmers Market, before it got crazy crowded.

All the things!

Me, scoring tons of plants for dirt cheap.

Selfie! I may have overbought....

Finding a place for everything! And then more raking of last year’s leaves!

Yaaaaay! And do they bus these leaves in from the County?

Visits from my lovely neighbors, and compliments on my “green thumb”. (Oh, my, no. But I love hearing it anyway.)

An afternoon of reading and kittens.

Manny now gives zero fucks about outside. Ever since he tried for the fence-top and toppled into the neighbor's backyard.

Wrapped up with a glass & a long bout of Monster Brawl, or whatever I’m playing on my cellphone nowadays.

Which can be best summed up by returning drunkie, Betty Draper Fisher.

AMC / Via

Perfect day, indeed. *sighs happily*


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