DIY disasters: fuzzy nipples?

Easter with a lost voice can suck. Plenty of rest, sure. But I missed hanging out with the nieces and nephew.

So? Time to destroy the house!

I decided that I had had enough of the rusty water coming out of the upstairs bathroom tub tap. Google said it’d be easy to pop the spout, so I did. Horror ensued.


Apparently, that pipe is galvanised steel, rather than copper or brass. Problem? Steel rusts. Ergo, tons of ick. All in my water. Eeeeew!

BTW, that pipe sticking out, that you screw/stick the spout on? It’s a nipple. Of course. #themoreyouknow

So, after freaking out about how much it could cost, I decided to have a look at the pipes. I gently opened up the drywall behind the spout….

So very gently.

Anyway, after that drywall bloodbath, I finally found the pipes noticed that the switch was attached by brass fittings! Yaaaaay brass!

Brass is the bestest.

So, trying my luck, I went lower and peeked at the pipes leading to the spout. Aaaaaaand….

Looks like it’s just screwed on!

Fingers crossed that it’s an easy, “unscrew the old, screw on the new”. And that it’s the same dealio downstairs as well….

Either way, I’ma get a professional in. Because better safe than sorry.


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