It’s electric! – Ceiling fan installation made easy (because somebody else did it.)

Remember when I had a friend come over and put in my kitchen ceiling fan? Well, he’s baaaaack! And this time it’s the 2nd bedroom. He makes it look so freaking easy….

Prep: stare at the hole in your ceiling. Attach the black ceiling fan holder thingy.

First: get all your ducks parts in order.

Then, feed the wires through the thingy. (Actual electrician talk. I’m guessing.)

Next, screw the wires together like it says in the instructions, then screw the whole thing up on the ceiling. Because it’s a ceiling fan. image

Make sure you personalise your fan pull. (That’s one of the glass beads I made in my lampwork class last August.)

Finally, check out the new fan. Tell yourself you need to pitch out the box now. But fan! Woot!

See? Easy!


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