Failing at Kitchen: peanut butter cup smoothie

I love bananas.  Actually, I love the idea of bananas.  Because every time I buy a bunch, I end up eating one or two, then having the rest go to mush.  Banana bread helps, but after awhile, I give up buying bananas…only to fall in love again and repeat the process.

Not anymore.

Because I finally figured out what I can do with those puppies; I can freeze ’em and then make smoothies!  Yeah, that sounds like something I’d typically say and then forget about, as the pile of frozen bananas grow exponentially in my poor freezer.  But this morning I came up with something that I’m already dying to try again.  Peanut butter cup smoothies!

How?  Well, it started when I read the nutrition info from Sonic.  Their shakes sound absolutely decadent, and they really are.  As in, your heart will probably explode after drinking one.  I say that with all the jealousy my unhealthy bod can muster.  Anyway, after that I decided to grab one of the frozen bananas I had in my freezer from last week’s banana binge.  I decided to raid the fridge to see what I had.

Yoghurt?  Check.

Milk?  Soy, but check.

Peanut butter?  Sure, why not?

And what’s this — Nutella?  Um, okay.  I like chocolate.

I gathered my ingredients, chopped the banana (they’re easy to peel when frozen; the peel comes off in pieces) and grabbed the blender.

Note chunks of banana peel on the cutting board. Because no smoothie wants that.

Next? Hit pulse, baby!

Yeah, it looks a bit like Miralax.

Aaaaaaand, taste. Not bad! In fact, it’s kinda delicious. And it’s thick, but I’m guessing the frozen banana and the yoghurt literally gummed things up. I added more soy milk, but next time? I may just add water ’til it’s not so thick that I need serious lung power to suck it up a straw. That didn’t stop me from making with the festive, though:

Because Cool Whip rocks.

Recipe, as it stands (I may tweak it later, for ease of drinking):

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

* One single-serve vanilla greek yoghurt (I used Yoplait, but any brand will do. Or about 6 ounces from a larger container.)
* One frozen banana, chopped and peeled
* One teaspoon peanut butter (I used natural, but I’m betting any would suffice.)
* One teaspoon Nutella, or whatever chocolate hazlenut spread turns your crank
* Cup of soy milk, or any type of milk (I may try almond next time.)


– Pitch it all into the blender
– Hit chop, then liquify to your personal favorite consistency
– Pour into a glass, top with whipped topping if you like.

Optional: mini chocolate chips sound really good.

Bon Appetit!


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