#FedUpChallenge: Day 1


Okay, this’ll be a free-flowing diary of what I’m going through without sugar.  SUUUUUGAAAAAAAR.  Let the withdrawal begin!


* Kidney beans with no added salt also have no added sugar!  Yeah baby!
* Hi honey.  And Biscoff Spread.  And Nutella.
* Perhaps leaving the cupboard cabinet closed for the next ten days is the way to go.  Time to hit Aldi for a boatload of yummy fruits and veg.


* Breakfast: banana.  Easy-peasy.  Kinda seems Paleo, no?

9:30 am:

* Woot – my favorite sweet potato chips have no added sugar! Just tatos & salt. Niiiiice.
* I have a sneaking suspicion that the worst part of this will be eating healthy and avoiding my treats. Which is kinda pathetic of me, thinking about it.

11 am: today’s no added sugar haul. I have a feeling that I’ll be dying for relish in my tuna salad. But otherwise? Yum!


11:15 am: It’s amazing how much sugar filled crud I shove into my pie-hole simply because it’s easy to grab. Must think on this. But now? Time to make lunch! Going for the easy – Big (tuna) Salad.

11:30 am:

* Big Salad with tuna, pepitas, shredded cheese (with no added sugar!), clementine wedges and basalmic vinegar. I really miss my dried cranberries, but as with a ton of dried fruit, they add sugar. Lunch is complete with more clementines, sweet potato chips and a Jello sugar free cup.

* repurposed the coffee maker for a pot of plain green tea. I love the stuff, but for some reason I’ve been coffee – with skim & Splenda – the last several years. Made it too strong, so now it’s green tea concentrate. #lemons

* I miss my peanut butter. I may have to get that weird DIY just-peanuts stuff from Whole Foods. Wonder if it’d be more palatable with cinnamon added in?

2:53 pm:

* Crashed about an hour and a half ago, which is probably more to do with my erratic sleep schedule than the lack of sugar. I think.

* And why is it that even though I’m absolutely stuffed from my lunch, that I’m craving something to eat? I’m literally Mr. Creosote, couldn’t fit in another morsel. Still…. (I’m disgusted with myself. But so far denying my taste buds.)

9:18 pm: DuClaw dinner equaled two beers and steamed edamame. Diet Coke and popcorn at the movie. I was tempted to candy it up, but I was so close to wrapping up the day I went with salt and canola oil over sugar. Go me!

11:09 pm: Back home, and this is usually when I’m really craving something treat-like. But I managed to shrug it off. Phew!

Wrap-up: rough this morning, and at DuClaw (hello blackberry BBQ wings!) But with no sickly sweetness to start with, it seemed easier to pass on it later. I’m betting tomorrow – after my bod realizes this no-added-sugar thing isn’t a one-off – will be crave-y-er.

It’s a word.


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