#FedUpChallenge: Day 2

sugar names eek Okay, one down, 9 to go. Let’s do this!

8:20 am:

* what is “malted barley extracts”? Tweet @fedupmovie and ask. Because I’m too lazy to Google, apparently. (UPDATE: it’s just sugar in a fancy tutu.)

* Sriracha has added sugar? NOOOOO! #hipsternightmare

* skipping the jello sugar free. Opting for unsweetened applesauce packs. Later? I’ll try brownies baked with the ‘sauce.

8:35 am: picking a checkout lane at the supermarket with no candy. Seems best. Off to the gym!

10:15 am: smoothie time, but how to do it without my beloved peanut butter & vanilla soy milk?  Decided to try adding apple in — thank you to one of my guy besties for that suggestion!  Here’s my recipe:

IMG_20140513_094615#FedUpChallenge Smoothie
Serves 1

1 frozen banana, chopped & peeled
1/2 c plain nonfat yoghurt
1/4 c peanuts (I used unsalted, raw redskin peanuts that I had on hand)
1 individual serving of applesauce (approx 1/3 cup)
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 c water

* put peanuts, then yoghurt, in blender.  Pulse til smooth-ish.
* add in everything else.  Pulse.  Add more water if you like it less thick.
* Enjoy!

11:17 am: happily smoothie stuffed.  Off for a doggie-walk with my neighbor.  Sugar?  Whodat?

2:56 pm: Lunch was sweet potato chips and strawberries.  I was still kinda full from the smoothie.  Or, rather, half the smoothie — I saved the other half for later.  Which could be now?  It’s crazy hot in here, and I’m thinking about turning on the a/c.  But when it’s hot, I’m not as hungry!  And, I’m happy with fruit.  Because refreshing.  Still, I’m reminded; being lazy, preoccupied, or “too busy” to make anything healthy leaves me to fall back on sugary, processed…stuff.  I need to start keeping instant/quickie healthy stuff around here too.  Hello, crockpot….

3:30 pm:  Bored Now.  Sure, there’s a ton of stuff I could do.  But it’s hot, and I’m in the post-lunch nap zone.  Usually, I’d just grab a few cookies or a hunk of candy and soldier on.  But today, I think I may exercise.  The horror!

3:55 pm: Post-lumbar discectomy MRI yesterday. Neurosurgeon’s office calls; can I come in Friday? He wants to talk to me. Um, of course. BEER AND LOTS OF IT.

5 pm: But where have the sweet potato chips gone?

6:30 pm: Easy dinner; corn on the cob, strawberries and carrot sticks. Decided to pass on making brownies, as the recipe calls for a cup and a half of sugar. That’s probably too much applesauce for any baked good.

9 pm: Really jonesing for something sweet. But for some reason, I can tell it’s just for comfort after the doc’s call. So I dodge it. #eatingmyfeelings

Wrapup: Easier and harder – wherefore art thou, peanut butter? – made rough with bad news. Let’s hope the rest of the week is better. At least I stuck with it!


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