#FedUpChallenge: Day 3

7 more days to go! Woot? Er, woot!

7:45 am: That’s it. No Pinterest til this is over. Way too much recipe temptation!

10 am: Officially sick of trying to find stuff that DOESN’T have added sugar. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Aaaaaah! Consoling myself with chicken drumsticks and raisins.

11:14 am: Oven baking the drumsticks with paprika, white pepper & Old Bay.  Still grumbly about the sugar, but what’s more worrisome is the whole spine-bomb my doc dropped on me yesterday.  I’m achy, my doc won’t tell my what’s wrong ’til Friday, and I can’t soothe myself with sugar.  Right now I’m feeling like with all my health worries — heart, kidney transplant, thyroid, yada yada — this is just one more thing I’m not allowed to have.  Not cool right now.  Perhaps this isn’t the time to do this Challenge.  Will think on it.

12:00 pm: Feeling blue and overwhelmed.  Handful of frosted mini-wheats.

2:10 pm: Back on track; roasted drumsticks, clementines. As I’m eating, doc’s office calls: no pushing, pulling, reaching, stooping… But he’ll tell me why Friday. What the hell??? TODAY IS A SKIP DAY NOW. When I get to DuClaw.

5 pm: Beer. Blackberry BBQ wings. Blue cheese. Right now, I am eating my feelings. And I don’t care.

9:15 pm: The crap food death toll….

– 6 blackberry BBQ wings
– approx 1 tbsp blue cheese dressing (with several celery sticks)

– one serving of homemade fat free Cheesecake Dip (with strawberries)
– 1 single serve pack of Snackwell vanilla cremes
– 1 handful of tropical trail mix


I also bought some chocolate pudding mix & organic milk, and garlic bread sticks. But I got home and decided they didn’t seem as appetizing.

I’ll get back on the wagon. Tomorrow.


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