#FedUpChallenge: Day 4


8:30 am: strawberries & toast with Benecol and peanut butter. Hey, if Fed Up can post a banana/grapes/pb wrap as a sugar free option? I’ma start peanut buttering. Because whiny. Sciatica is literally kicking my tush. Wah.

10:40 am: I’ve decided that I’ll let myself have The Sweets if I really need some comfort food. But after the realization earlier this week that I tend to shove food into my face simply because I can reach the food? I’m finding The Colbert Report & water are doing nicely. At least for right now. Hungry for lunch though. Soon. Sooooon.

12:30 pm: lunch = two drumsticks, tortilla chips & guac, and raisins & nuts trail mix. Drumsticks are a bit dry, but dunking them in guac? Not too shabby!

2 pm: am I hungry? Am I thirsty? Am I just bored? If I don’t know, just grab a mini bag of dehydrated apples & a huge water. Done!

5:30 pm: time for dinner!Apple slices and peanut butter. Pasta with kidney beans, cheese and TVP. Which, I’m sure has some sort of added sugar. But I don’t care. I add Sriracha too. Rebel Rebel!

6:30 pm: do I want dessert? After the diet cherry limeade with vodka I’m kinda sick of the sugary feeling. Is that strange feeling on my tongue – that I haven’t felt since Sunday – a “Too Much Sugar” feeling? Must remember next time I feel it to think about what I just ate….

8 pm: I want a dessert, but not super sweet. Maybe frosted mini-wheats? Maybe not.

8:35 pm: growly stomach. Dammit!

Wrapup: This is turning into a “how am I dealing with sugar everywhere” thing, rather than a pure no added sugar thing. And as long as I’m learning (and hopefully getting my system out of the Gimme Sugar mode 24/7)? WIN.

I do reserve the right to bounce back into no added sugar, at any time.


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