#FedUpChallenge Day 5: scary cereal


So, children’s cereals have a boatload of added sugar. Nobody’s surprised by this, right? I mean really; anything that has little, rock-hard marshmallows (probably so hard because of all the sugar and preservation, ew) ain’t health food. But this tidbit from today’s Fed Up Challenge email really put it in perspective:

One cup of any of the 44 children’s cereals – including Honey Nut Cheerios, Apple Jacks, and Cap’n Crunch –contains more sugar than three Chips Ahoy! cookies.

Oh. My. God. Becky.

I may be reducing rather than eliminating now – at least until I can get over this scary back doctor stuff – but there’s one thing I’ll be doing. Yep, reducing the amounts of sugar in the cereals I eat. Which is fine, because after a few days of no/low added sugar? A piece of Cinnamon Toast Crunch tastes like candy.

I’m guessing that’s the point. From the manufacturers, and from the Fed Up gang.

Okay, diary time!

7:40 am: The doctor’s appointment wait is KILLING ME. Ten am, y’all. Physically, I want breakfast. Mentally, I want to throw up. A friend calls; can I come by today and help him plant his deck garden? All hinges on the results of my MRI. Another to-do, besides the limiting sugar thing? Get. Another. Neurosurgeon. Hello, Hopkins!

9 am: peanut butter and apples! Mmmm, I love this stuff.

11:40 am:

* The back pain verdict? A couple of “very small” protrusions in the L4-5 & L5-S1, and a “disc fragment impinging upon the S1 nerve root.” So, basically, the nerve pressing seems to be the cause of my current sciatica. Still, I’d like to hear more about how to be healthy beyond “don’t worry so much”. Time for lunch.

Noon: sweet potato, shredded chicken, plain yoghurt and a Tbs of BBQ sauce. And honestly? I tend to be a BBQ sauce whore, but today? I could have been just as happy with smoked paprika stirred into the yoghurt. Next time.

1:30 pm: adding stuff to next week’s shopping list. Clementines, apples grapes…But what’s for dinner? I need to start planning out my meals again. Bet’cha I cut down on processed & overly sugared if I did that. *nods to self*

6 pm: hit one of my favorite garden centers with my gardening buddy. Chickens!


7 pm: grilled Mahi Mahi (from buddy’s dad’s fishing trip), lemon change chicken. And tomato/feta salad, mango salsa, and romaine blueberry salad. Side of grilled jalapeños. Urp! Homemade goodness.

Salad. Salad. Salsa!

Wrapup: Okay, so it’s crazy easy to go no-added-sugar when the person you’re visiting always does it. How can a human being eschew bread and snackies? Yes, savory is devine, but….

And he still has energy to talk/debate til 3 am. Uncle!


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