#FedUpChallenge Day 6: exhaustion


Yawn. Staying up till 3 am yapping and watching the PBS Sixties special? Doesn’t make for coherent me today.

9:30 am: You’re getting buckwheat pancake mix? Okay. See ya – bring me strawberries. (At least maple syrup is less of a preservative nightmare than Mrs. Butterworth.)

11 am: Hiking, to burn off breakfast. I think I like buckwheat pancakes better than the usual. Nutty. And, strangely, lower in added sugar! (He checked. Good boy.)

1:30 pm: grilled chicken and veg with mango salsa. Side of romaine, tomato and feta salad. Best. Leftovers. Ever. And I get some to take home! I love helping friends with gardening. Especially if there’s grilled stuff involved later.


3 pm: Very Scary ride home – I found myself unable to stop nodding off while I was driving! Milliseconds of closed eyes and abject terror. Nothing I did could stop it. Gaaah!

3:15 pm: home again, jiggity jog. Popped dried fruit and two Reeses mini-cups in my mouth, simply for the sugar jump. Yeah, I could just crash, but I’m still really freaked and needed a comforting jolt. NOW it’s time for a nap.

5:15 pm: Still exhausted, but making brownies with almonds, cashews and no added sugar (applesauce pinch-hitting). They should be… Memorable.

Hello, @cookingforbae!

6:30 pm:

* hello, leftovers from last night! (Don’cha love it when friends pack you a goodie bag?) Grilled chicken, guacamole with grilled onions and chips.

* okay, the brownies are kinda eggy, but have a cool Really Dark Chocolate vibe. The not-too-sweet vibe is growing on me. That said, they’d be really good with Nutella…. Next time? Adding a mashed banana in.

8:50 pm: Intellectually stimulating, flat-out fun debate til 3 am? That’s what friends are for. Crashing at 9 pm the following evening? That’s what being the master of your own home is for.

Wrapup: dunno if it’s the lessening of sugar, the staying up waaaaaay too late last night or a combo platter. But I’m wiped. Keeping the kitties out of my room tonight to make sure I get a good solid chunk of heavy rest. For tomorrow? Parsnips at the Farmers Market!


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