#FedUpChallenge Day 7: Farmers Market

I heart farmers markets. So today, let’s get this party started!

7 am: garden buddy calls – would I like to have my disposal installed Tuesday? Assuming this is not an innuendo. It’s not! Yay DIY! Picking him up a flat leaf parsley as a thank you.

8 am: my mission at the Farmers Market? Parsnips. Mmmmm, parsnips. And a flat leaf parsley plant.

8:30 am: parsnips look less than happy. So do I. I quit this bitch. After the parsley. But a Zeke’s decaf first….

9 am: parsley acquired! Loved that the kid selling parsley said “see you next week”, as if I was already a regular. I’ve shopped here a few other times, but this is probably what he says to everyone. Still a Farmers Market regular? I’m liking the idea.

10 am: Bad Girl Breakfast – decaf coffee with 3 Splenda, Pecan Bun. But it’s homemade! The bun, not the Splenda. Haven’t had a sugary carb binge for days. Seeing it for what it really is: a rare treat.

1:11 pm: lunch? I’m hungry. Chicken and cheese quesadilla, with no sugar added wrap/tortilla. Plain yoghurt w/smoked paprika, and guac for dipping. Apple slices. Easy and perfect.

4 pm: Honey Nut Cheerios. Hello, box in the pantry! Whoa. 9 grams of sugar per serving? Eek. This is one of go-to sneaks for the movies. Um.

7:30 pm: chicken, sweet potato, onion, jalapeño & cheese. Covered with plain yoghurt & smoked paprika. Zero added sugar! It looks like slop, but it’s tasty!


9 pm: fat free vanilla ice cream, cool whip & 4 chopped mini Reeses peanut butter cups. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed every bite. But I’d have been just as happy with a mango cut & cubed. What did we learn tonight kiddies? Processed sugar doesn’t equal a treat. ANYTHING that I enjoy equals a treat. Mmmmm, mango.

Wrapup: lunch and dinner = no added sugar. The farmers market had tons of things to nosh without added sugar. Plus, I liked the guy that said “see you next week”, like he’d remembered me from my visits and appreciated my business. That, in itself, was a treat. No sugar added.


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