#FedUpChallenge Day 8: sugar free Mondays?

Gotta say I did eat healthier when I lived with my parents....

“Monday is when people tend to be most open to making healthy changes, so challenge yourself and your friends to go sugar-free every Monday.”

Hmm. I know about Meatless Mondays. But Sugar Free Mondays? Interesting.

Wrapup: wow. Totally dropped the ball on this day. So here’s a quick and dirty –

* banana for breakfast on the way to the gym

* sweet potato chips and strawberries from Aldi – mmm, strawberries.

* add drumstick to above? Lunch!

* dinner at Duclaw; mezze platter. One of my favorites, and no added sugar! (That probably came from the two beers….)


* dried apple chips for my in-screening snack.


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