#FedUpChallenge Day 9: soda?


Honestly though, I drink diet when I drink soda. Because that way all the calories I suck down come from food. As is just and right. Y’know, besides beer….

Today I started to get a bit of the guilts. You see, before I found out about this challenge? I’d stocked up with a bunch of my usual suspects: vanilla soymilk, honey nut cheerios, peanut butter, and Mac and cheese. But I had to schlep out to get no sugar added stuff, and now? I’m worried about wasting food. Which brings me to….

9 am: banana peanut butter smoothie. Strawberries. Hello vanilla soymilk!

10 am: taking a break from the gym today. Aaaaaaand now the Internet is down. Le sigh. Hello cell phone!

12:30 pm: chicken quesadilla with guac & strawberries. This is quickly becoming a favorite. Hello rat-proofing!

2 pm: yardwork! Installing the disposal became building me a raised garden shelf! Hello last of the deck wood!

6 pm: pre-screening naughty; wings and a beer. Hello sugar!

7 pm:… But I don’t feel like any movie snax, other than a big water. Hello healthier!

WRAPUP: Not much to see here today, but it feels like I’m fitting into a slightly healthier groove. I’d like to keep the “at least one no added sugar meal a day” thing going past tomorrow’s final challenge day. It feels good to know I’m not sneaking in sugar when I don’t want to be.


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