Moving stuff around. Exhausting, but worth it.

I bought the little ones a huge new cat tree from Amazon. Free shipping! Right to my door!

Problem? After I put it together, I didn’t think I had any place to put it. Oops. So I put it by the front door. All was well until the mailman came….

And then Manny headed for the hills. So? Let the mad spiral of home redecorating commence!

First, I moved the brown 4×4 Expedit to the 2nd bedroom (getting rid of the old, wobbly IKEA 3 drawer unit I’d been longing to toss.) That freed up the space below Tweaky the gazelle reindeer downstairs. Hello, Expedit sofa table – back to your old digs! I decided to put the shoe rack next to the table, rather than under it, and then plop the plant & the scratching post in their usual locations.


Then, moving the small tables to either side of the loveseat, and re-positioning the modem thingy.


Next? Paring down the library. What am keeping because I love, and what’s hanging out simply because I’m proud of myself for finishing it? The cat tree slid right in, with just enough tension to keep it from wobbling. Win!

The 4×4 as nightstand, and holder of some stuff that will be given away.

Meanwhile, Tippi will cut you if you try to move her from her new favorite place; on the scratcher with a window view.

Phew! Time for (cheap) champagne! Kampai!


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