GardenWatch: tomatoes! Peppers! Mantis!

Morning in the summer is my time to putter around in the garden. It’s still cool(ish) from the previous evening, and the UV levels are lower. As a skin cancer…survivor? Person who has had many – all removed – thanks to my transplant meds? I like low UV levels.

Anyway, so proud of my little garden! TONS of peppers already. I’ve always been lucky with hot peppers; dunno if that’s because they’re easy to grow or that they thrive on neglect.

And check out my huge tomato! I love you, tomato. Please grow and get ripe for me.

Bonus: Pansy Mantis is getting bigger every day! Check out her beautiful eyes. (I think she’s a she, going off her thorax. If anyone can confirm/correct, lemme know!)

Summertime. Ahhh…

Ain't she adorable?





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