I make jewelry things!

Well, at least I have one 2014 new year’s resolution that I’m still working on. Go me!

Granted, it’s a fun one. So it’s not like I’d be likely to shove it off. Jewellery making!

I’ve mentioned that I’ve done the chainmaille thing. But I’ve been practicing punching out “blanks” of copper, bronze, and “nickel silver” (aka Not Silver, just copper with enough nickel to make it silvery. Wordplay!)

I’m also practicing metal stamping onto said blanks, drilling holes (to attach cords, or other things) and then polishing the bleepus outta ’em. It’s grimy – polishing wheels and flexshafts are dusty and/or gritty work – but I’m having a blast. And I’m trying to remember that I’m just learning, it’s not going to be perfect, not for awhile at least…

Today’s finished practice piece? An ode to Tippi & Manny:


I’m kinda digging it.

The polishing grit turned the letters dark. I can easily scrub it out with an old toothbrush (jewellery protip – save those old brushes you can’t use anymore! After a good soak in rubbing alcohol or somesuch, they’re perfect for metal &  lapidary cleanup!) but I don’t think I will.

Takes my mind off the branch hanging over my house that needs to come down…and all the branches on my roof that a repairman told my neighbor about. Ones that are putting pressure on my roof. Dammit! Yet another reason I’m dying for roof access… I’d take care of that myself if I could. But nobody wants me to scale a 40′ ladder. Srsly.

Bye bye, moneies!


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