2015 Resolutions

Alrighty. As I gear up for another year’s Oshogatsu (cleancleancleanmochi), I have a passel of stuff I’d like to accomplish next year. So I’ma jot ’em down.

Two reasons:
1) helps me to stay on track, and maybe even slow my spending roll on non-Resolution stuff
2) sharing is fun!

So, here goes. I’ll be revisiting this & updating as I check these puppies off….

2015 Resolutions!
(in no particular order)

* fix leaking disposal/kitchen sink. I adore my friend and his lovely attempt to help a gal out. But last night? I drained pasta, and SPLOOSH! Water gushed from the pipes where it drains from the disposal. That pipe isn’t locked onto the next connector it just sits there in it. Ergo? When large amounts of H2O hit it, excess spills out. As I cook a lot of stuff that needs draining, disposal repair has shifted from “have them fix it when I buy a new dishwasher” to “git ‘er done”.
* regrade my backyard so water flows away.
* audit all the pots and plants in said backyard. Plant more native species (helps with runoff/flood prevention), and be truthful with myself on what veggies I actually eat. Just because I can grow hot peppers doesn’t mean I need 8 plants worth.
* get back to spin class, on a once a week (or every other week) schedule. Strive for 4x/month, but applaud 2x.
* party! As in having more people over more often. Strive for monthly (as 2015 is a decade year, monthly celebrations are in order), applaud bi-monthly, be happy with quarterly.
* caulk windows and doors.
* water seal the fence!
* consolidate debt still looming from 2013. Dammit.
* get estimate for hardwood floors. Probably outside my 2015 budget, but nice to know what I’d be looking at.
* teach myself how to install hardwood myself. Home Depot free classes?
* Black Friday 2015 (or maybe Presidents Day) Treat: new dishwasher! That’ll also solve the poor connection issue with the hose. Thanks for nothing, proprietary GE connections!

Aaaaaaand here’s where I get queasy; the big ticket items:

* clean/caulk the roof gutters, remove branches from roof that are pressing on it, and get the city to cut down the branch of the sidewalk tree that’s causing all this. (Or, more likely, pay to get it done. Sigh.)
* get an outside dryer vent installed.
* rip down adorable but not code backyard stairs. Get stairs done properly. (Should have done in 2013, but hope sprang eternal that year.)
* get an outlet wired for an above-range microwave. Get above-range microwave. Get above-range microwave installed. Toss old microwave that is breaking down.
* fix whatever it is that’s rattling in my car. Ulp.
* equity line of credit! Needed for above.

Phew. Got my work cut out for me. Was going to add Go On A Cruise, Attend SDCC, and Visit Friends In Cali. But after all this necessary spending, who has that kind of scratch?

At least it’ll be a most productive, lowering-stress, new year. Yay?


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