Resolution: fix the roof, remove branches. DONE!

I love it when a plan comes together. Especially when that means I don’t have to do anything! What? I’m lazy.

But my resolution to get the tree branches off of my roof and check it’s structural integrity? DONE Y’ALL. And it’s not even 2015 yet. Bingo bongo.

Not by me. By a kind hearted neighbor with time on his hands. Thanks to the Nextdoor app, and my whiny post asking folks who to contact about city tree branch removal. He had a looooong ladder, and a keen interest in getting some exercise. Win-win!

Unfortunately for him (but fortunately for me), the guys who noticed the fallen branches & roof damage? Wrong house. Mine had just a smattering of branches. See?

That's all, folks!

But the Good Samaritan soldiered on, and removed a few branches from the big branch over my house. Yay! He peeked over, but dropped them out back.

He even took the branches for firestarters, a cup of tea, and my gratitude. I’ll still need to get the big branch lopped, to prevent further problems, but for now? Breathing easier. Next? Trying to contact the folks four doors down about their roof.

Hooray for good neighbors, and crossing an item off my list!

Whoa that's high.
Another peek!

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